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Workout Descriptions


There are no available workouts of this type at the moment


Virtual Activate

An online version of our Activate class. Targets key areas to increase core development and stabilization using activation bands

Virtual Body Conditioning

An online version of our Body Conditioning class. Target all your major muscle groups in one class. Using a variety of equipment to increase intensity, this is a great class to complement your existing aerobic routine.

Virtual Insanity

An online version of our Insanity class. Insanity® is the high-intensity workout which forces the body to work at a higher capacity for longer periods of time than traditional workouts. You will experience faster increases in cardiovascular fitness, and burn carbohydrates and fat more efficiently.

Virtual Pilates

An online version of our Pilates class. Are you one of the many people in this country who suffers from back pain? Pilates strengthens muscles from within, targeting "core" abdominal and postural muscles, giving you a stronger back, better posture, and reducing the risk of injury. In addition, you'll feel more flexible, stronger, leaner and calmer!

Virtual Sculpt

An online version of our Sculpt class. Carve your body into shape with a yoga inspired workout.

Virtual Tabata

An online version of our Tabata class. 20 secs on/10 secs off - Fat burning, heart pumping, blood flowing interval workout.

There are no available workouts of this type at the moment

 High intensity cardio intervals
 Lower intensity fat-burning cardio
 All round fitness - cardio & toning
 Mind/body class
 Weights or toning
 Dance class

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