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Here's what our clients are saying about The Fitness Bank's Personal Training services:

I decided to take up your special offer after a summer had gone by with very little exercise being done and too much time running round after children. My back went on the August bank holiday and I knew it was time to sort out a plan so that even if I couldn't get to the gym or any classes I could do some exercises at home. My first meeting with Amy was to discuss what I thought I could realistically do ( and believe me its not much ) and to make my first appointment.

From then on I haven't missed any of the appointments and even managed to do some ( not all ) of the exercises suggested. The sessions at the gym go very quickly, we always have a laugh and I feel that Amy has really sorted out a regime that suits me. Just short bursts of 12 reps of something or 10 mins max on a machine. I feel much better about my fitness and am inspired to work harder at the exercises. I think its a great way to kick start a new resolve to be fitter or to rethink your old regime with the help of a Personal Trainer. I am now trying to persuade my husband to have a Personal Training session as I think he needs it too!!

B Leonard

Karen has always been able to adapt my classes according to my capabilities and requests, thus enabling me to achieve my goals and become fitter. Also my back is coping better in my work.

Z Nelson-Judd

I am very grateful to Karen, she has a very professional and considered approach to every single session of personal training, she is enthusiastic, positive, understanding and at the same time strict, which makes her a great PT. PT sessions are actually fun, versatile, I really enjoy them.

When I decided to take a few PT sessions my goal was to improve fitness level in general and as a tennis player. Just after 8 sessions I achieved it, but I enjoyed PT sessions so much that it looks like I am not going to stop...

E Clegg

Karen put together a programme which took into account my fitness level, (or lack of it) and built my fitness up gradually without being scary. In four months, I've gone from a total non-runner to three half hour running sessions a week, and my resting heart rate has dropped by 40 bpm and I feel and look better.

S Gibbs, Leicester

Karen is an excellent motivator and is brilliant at explaining why you should follow her guidelines. I felt much fitter, stronger and sleeker after only a couple of weeks even though I was already a regular gym user. Karen makes you put that bit extra in which makes so much more than a 'bit' of difference.

J Egner, Leicester

Karen is an excellent personal trainer; she is enthusiastic and always focused on you as the client. I no longer have to wonder whether I am doing the right things to get better in my chosen sport - cycling. She ensures that you work to the best of your ability and with the help of her positive attitude I have found that I can achieve far more than I expected during my one-to-one sessions.

S Robinson, Nottingham

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