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Here's what our clients are saying about The Fitness Bank's Personal Training services:

I had been planning my own gym routine and I was getting bored with it.

Not really knowing what to do next, I asked Dan if he could write me up a muscle building programme with the push/pull/leg split workout.

Dan has tweaked my programme every 2-3 months, changing exercises that I've plateaued on, as well as working on areas that I need to build on to obtain my goals.

Thank you Dan, you've kept my motivation going and I can see/feel improvement.

S Kinsberger

I've been a member of The Fitness Bank for many years and always enjoyed the classes.

I've never wanted to try the gym as it’s not my thing, until I started personal training with Tina.

She told me she wanted to get me in the gym, just to see if I liked it and because it would give me more options to have that little bit of me time (to be honest I thought no chance!).

The very first day she took me into the gym, I was dreading it however, I loved it!!!

Being able to use the machines correctly and even correcting my posture whilst using it to achieve the best results Tina explains everything you need to know. I never would of had a clue.

I now find myself at the gym 5 times a week and I’m following a programme. My mind set has completely changed and I actually miss the gym when I'm unable to attend. My mental health has improved so much and my fitness is at a good level.

Asking Tina for help with training was by far the best decision I've made this year…and for someone with a phobia of the gym... well, if I can do it anyone can.

Thank you so much! xxx

K McMurtry

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