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Our Personal Training Menu offers a range of services to suit any pocket

How to use the Personal Training Menu:

  • All club members can purchase one-off PT sessions from our Personal Training Menu
  • Or buy The Complete Package - we'll build you a custom designed selection of sessions from the menu, and you get your club membership absolutely FREE!


Workout routines to follow at the club
Gym Programme An off-the-shelf 8 week gym programme adapted to your level of fitness, aimed at common fitness goals. For example:
  • Weight loss
  • Tone-up
  • "Couch to 5k"
  • Build muscle
  • Kid's programme
Fitness Programming Want some qualified guidance to meet your fitness goals?
Book a programming session and your trainer will develop a detailed, tailored 12 week programme for you to take away and follow.
From £20

Fitness Training

Get the best workout of your week. Guaranteed!
Power Ups A 15 min blast! Can be used to master a tricky move, blast a stubborn body part, learn a new fitness skill.
See our list of available Power Ups at the bottom of this page.
Just £5
Personal Training Workout Get the most from your workout.
Have your trainer right there guiding every move and repetition to ensure your workout is safe and very effective. Available in 30, 45 and 60 min sessions.
From £20

Progress Monitoring

As fit as you think you are? Are you really making progress?
Weight and Measure Have your weight, % body fat and body circumferences measured accurately. A must-have for tracking your progress and letting you know what's working. £5
Cardio Fitness Check Are your heart and lungs in good nick? Book in for a cardio check-up. We'll run a range of tests including:
  • Blood pressure
  • VO2 Max
  • Bleep test
We'll let you know how you stand against averages for your age. We'll also advise on how to make any necessary improvements.
From £12
Muscular Strength and Endurance Check Are you as strong as you should be? Our Muscular Strength and Endurance Check puts you through your paces to let you know where you rank against average measures for your age. If you need to make improvements we'll come up with a plan. From £12
Mobility Check Do you struggle to touch your toes? Book a Mobility Check and your trainer will let you know how well you're doing and advise on techniques for improving any weak spots. From £12
Diet Check Want to know what and when to eat? Book a Diet Check and we’ll ask you to keep a detailed food diary for a few days. We then analyse it for calorie and nutrional balance, and provide you with a food plan to get you back on track. From £30
Well-being Check Want to consider the whole? Book in for our holistic check-up and we will review your diet, sleep, stress levels and fitness, and then advise on the changes you should be making to regain and maintain a better balance. From £30

The Complete Package

Are you all in?

Want us to own your goals and make sure you keep you on track? Then commit to fit!

The Complete Package starts at £120 per month and will ensure that your trainer understands all of your health and well-being goals then devises and manages a plan to get you there. Not only that they will be with you every step of the way, measuring progress and helping you overcome barriers to success.

Sign up for a Personal Training package at the Fitness Bank right now, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your exact requirements. Or if you just need some further information before committing, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Power Ups

15 Minute Blasts of 1-to-1 PT for a Fiver!

Book a 15 minute Power Up and spend 15 minutes - just you and a trainer - with an intense focus on a specific area or goal.

Mini Workouts Choose from:
  • Abs Blast
  • HIIT Session
  • Vibration Plate
  • TRX
  • Kettlebells
  • Spinning
  • Pad Work
Technique Tune-ups Choose from:
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Pull Ups
  • Boxing
  • Running
Learn to Use Equipment Choose from:
  • Power Cage
  • Smith Machine
  • TRX