at The Fitness Bank, South Wigston

Our current fitness class timetable includes the following HIIT STRENGTH classes:

HIIT Strength : Thu, 17:35 (30 Min)

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Non-member price for 30 minute fitness classes:

  • Single visit price: £4.50

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The Fitness Bank is located in South Wigston, Leicester. We're two minutes away from South Wigston train station.

Unit 3, Cornwall Business Centre, Cornwall Road, South Wigston, Leicester, LE18 4XH


HIIT STRENGTH - Our quick guide to what it is, how it works, and what to expect during a class!

For optimal health benefits you need both cardio and strength training. So for people leading busy lives who want to make the most of their precious workout time, this class combines both - pushing your fitness to the max, by cramming a lot of effort into a single intense workout.

HIIT classes start with a warm-up period, and then alternate short bursts of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. The rest intervals inbetween allow you to keep up this energetic level for the full session, with high and low intensity periods distributed in a ratio, such as 2:1.

Your heart rate will spike during the high intensity intervals, which is why you get a benefit in terms of cardio fitness. But because your heart rate is elevated you'll also burn more calories than you would by doing less intense exercise for the same amount of time, which makes it a good fat-burning exercise if you're targeting weight loss.

Push your fitness to the max!

Other Fitness Classes

Our class studio hosts a variety of fun fitness classes 7 days a week, every week.

On our class timetable you'll find everything from lower intensity classes like Pilates and Yoga, through to high energy classes like HIIT and BodyBlast.

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