Online Workouts

Participants getting ready to start a fitness class in the studio

We offer two types of online workout – Live and Catch up.

  • Live are real time workouts, enabling you to interact with the fitness instructor and other participants.
  • Catch up are recordings of live online workouts and can be accessed at a time convenient to you. We usually have around 100 on-demand workouts available at any one time, so there's loads of choice and we're always adding new content to keep things fresh!

No matter which you choose all of our instructors are highly experienced and fully qualified.

You will see many of your favourite workouts on the timetable, adapted for the home environment.

How to use the online workouts?

All online workouts are listed on our timetable.

For live online workouts you will need to use your online booking code to book a space here. Please book your class at least 20 minutes before the start time. If you leave it until the last minute we may miss you when we send the invites out.

Live online workouts are hosted on a free app called Zoom. You will need to have this app downloaded on a device with a camera, speaker and microphone - such as a laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone.

Participants getting ready to start a fitness class in the studio

If you have booked a place, approximately 1 hour before the workout is due to start, we will send you a link to allow access to the workout online. The link will come via text to your phone and email. Please make sure we have up-to-date contact details for you. If you are not sure if we have, just email us on or DM our social media platforms and we will get things updated for you.

On the device where you have Zoom installed click on the invite link (text or email) and Zoom will open and admit you to the class. Once you are in the virtual class, set your camera and microphone as you want them. You don't have to share your video if you don't want to be seen (the instructor can't help you if you go wrong though) and you don't have to have your microphone on if you don't want to chat.

Catch Up Service

For Catch up online workouts you will also need your online booking code. You will also need a device with a screen and a speaker, such as a smart TV, tablet, laptop or smartphone, to view the the workout recording. For the first time you access a workout on your preferred device you will need to let our website know who you are. You do that from our website booking page and clicking on Add/Remove Member. Enter your booking code in the 'Add New Members' box. You will now be able to see the online catch up workouts on the booking page. Simply select the one you fancy and enjoy!

Anything Else?

You will need a bit of space at home to workout in, clear of hazards. A mat, a drink and a sweat towel will probably enhance your comfort.

You are participating at your own risk and should not do so if you have any health concerns.

Where Can I Get Tech Help?

We get that not everyone is good with technology so if you need a hand give us a shout. While we can only be of limited assistance in real time during the class we can get you sorted with the app, etc. beforehand so if you fancy giving it a go please email us on or DM our social media platforms and we will show how it all works and give you a demo before all your pals are online laughing at you! :-)