Home Fit Membership at In Trim, Sheffield
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Home Fit

Not everyone enjoys the gym environment....

If you want a regular fitness routine, guidance and motivation but don't want to go to a gym, our Home Fit membership is for you!

We offer a range of virtual classes and workouts timetabled to motivate you and allow you to participate in group exercise from the comfort of your own home. We broadcast our selection of live classes from our fitness studios 7-days a week.



Our workouts are streamed live from our fitness studios in Leicester and Sheffield, so you can talk to our expert instructors for guidance and advice before and after the classes.


If you can't make your live workout for any reason, don't worry; it will be in our video library ready for you when you have a spare hour. We usually have over 100 recent classes to choose from at any one time.


We have a class timetable including favourites like Pilates, Tabata, Combat and Body Conditioning, all adapted for a home environment. Plus, we revise our timetable a few times a year to keep things fresh!


We host our live classes with Zoom, which means you can take part with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Just book a place on your chosen workout via our website, and we'll email you a link to the class just before it's due to begin.

Need More Motivation?

Upgrade to Home Fit PLUS and in addition to the virtual classes you'll be assigned your own fitness instructor who will check in with you to ensure you have a programme and stay on track with your fitness journey.

Need EVEN MORE Motivation?

For the complete package, select Home Fit PERSONAL and experience all the benefits of a personal trainer - diet planning, tailored workout programmes, progress monitoring and that extra kick to keep you motivated - from the comfort of your own home.

All without ever having to set foot in the club.

Sign up here and boost your fitness levels without ever having to go to the gym