Social Distancing

Keep your distance sign and yellow marking tape

We are keeping our staff and customers safe with social distancing.

We want nothing more than to get everyone back to the club as soon as possible - to catch up with our fit family and see your fitness gains once again - but the COVID-19 outbreak has been a steep learning curve for everyone, including us.

Our highest priority when you come to the club is your and our team's safety. We have done everything in our power to ensure you can have a good, enjoyable workout while ensuring everyone's safety. Often this is a compromise of conflicting needs but we hope we have got the balance right, so that our grans can come back to the club along with her strapping grandsons. In order to work properly it needs effort from all of us, especially you our valued customers. We welcome your input into the measures we have taken as we intend to review things daily to ensure we keep doing the best we can.

You can read a summary of all the changes we've made below, or watch our video walkthrough of the club to find our what you can expect when you come back.

What we have done?

Limited the club's capacity. Why? So we can control social distancing effectively.

Introduced a booking system for the gym. Why? So we can control numbers in the club, ensure social distancing and gaurantee you a safe workout when you want it. Bookings can be taken 5 days in advance and be made, altered or cancelled over the phone on 0116 2771111 or via our website. Web bookings need a booking code, obtainable over the phone or by emailing

Introduced a 60 minute limit to your workout at busy times.Why? So we can make the club accessible to as many people as possible while maintaining safe numbers. Please book your greatest priority workout and ask at reception if we have room for you to stay. We’ll do everything to accommodate you but at busy time this may not be possible.

Introduced face coverings for our staff. Why? To reduce the risk to you and our staff from the potentially numerous people they may see per day. Please note you do not have to wear a face covering while you are exercising but we would encourage you to wear one at other times when in the club.

Introduced additional ventilation in to exercise areas. Why? To reduce the risk of transmission while at the club.

Introduced screens in the gym. Why? To prevent you from being sneezed on by your neighbours and to be able to keep as many pieces of gym equipment in safe use as possible.

Introduced a club floor checker. Why? To have rolling cleaning / sanitision in operation, policing social distancing measures and to assist with the flow of people. We'll not interfer with your workout unless we feel you are doing something unsafe. Often the floor checker will be a fitness instructor so feel free to ask advice on getting post lockdown fit. We are pleased to see you too but we'll have to keep our distance from all the huggers out there :-)

Introduced traffic flow, room number limits and distance markers. Why? Well, we are used to this in shops (tutting when everyone ignores them), so please take note of one way markers, distance markers and room number limits. If you have any concerns please speak with the floor checker - they'll be wiping something down 2 meters away from you more often than not.

Introduced "Green Zones". Why? So you clean and return the kit you have used in a state ready for the next person. If you are being extra cautious feel free to sanitise kit before use but the principle is - use it but leave it clean for the next person. Anyone found to be flaunting this principle will be asked to leave the club.

Introduced a door entry system. Why? To control entry to the club at busy times. We have had to remove the sign-in touchscreens (as it is not safe to sanitise electical equipment as frequently as it would be required) so please bear with us while we sign you in at reception, check you understand the social distancing measures and are symptom-free.

Limited the capacity of our sauna. Why? To reduce transmission but allow use of this popular facility that we've had to close for 12 months.The capacity is limited to two, you will be required to sit on a towel (provided by you) and spray the bench down after use

Introduced social distancing in our changing rooms. Why? We are now able to open our showers and changing rooms with limited numbers and additional cleaning. Please arrive in gym gear and shower at home if you are able to reduce demand for these facilities. Please note: you may still store valuables in our lockers but you will need £1 (returnable) to use our new lockers.

What we need you to do

PLEASE don't come to the club if:

  • you have a temperature,
  • a new cough,
  • have lost your sense of smell or taste, or,
  • or you are required to self isolate under Government or NHS guidance.

Why? Well duh, where have you been for last 12 months? ;-) If you can say yes to any of the above please get a COVID-19 test and self-isolate (with your whole household) for 14 days or until your test comes back negative. Please don't think it's only a cold - please DON'T risk it.

Book your session. Why? We don't want to have to turn you away if the club is full. You've missed enough workouts, right? You'll be able to see if we have space on the booking page but if you are old school, then call us on 0116 2771111 before you set off.

Sanitise everything you use as soon as you have finished with it, and if it is portable store it back in its green zone (rack or storage area). Why? Well you want clean equipment for your workout don’t you so pass it along. Please only use our sanitising agents, not your own. Our equipment is expensive to replace and some sanitising agents can damage you and the kit.

Please be considerate. Why? Well it's nicer if you cough and sneeze into a tissue or your inner elbow, wait to allow others to pass safely and be aware if others are waiting to use the same area as you. We get to choose how we behave.